Giclée Art Reproduction Steps 

Step One - Digital Capture 

Your artwork is photographed with multi-image scanning technique that produces enormous print files of astonishing quality.  This is combined with gallery lighting that brings out brushstrokes and other fine surface details of the original for prints that have an incredible trompe l'oeil realism at any size or viewing distance.

Step Two - Proofing

Color Proofing, Color Matching and Correction

Once your artwork is captured, we make a series of test prints and corrections to the capture file until we get a final test print that exactly matches your original artwork.  Color proofing is done in a room with lights designed for color matching. High-end computer monitors, designed for precise color display, are used to evaluate the digital caputure image.  Once a final final print is created, you will be asked to visit the studio to compare the proof to the original painting. If you like the match, the matching file will be used for your prints.  If not, we'll make additional corrections at no addional cost.  Since we don't want to waste your time or ours, every effort is made to get a perfect match the first time. Our years of experience make it possible to offer guaranteed accurate capture and proofing for one fixed fee. You'll never be charged more. 

Step Three - Canvas or Paper Printing

Once your artwork has been proofed, you can order your prints on fine art paper or canvas.  We use only the finest archival papers and canvases for our prints. We use long-lasting pigment inks for our prints which don't fade like other inks. And we coat all our prints for uv, environmental and moisture protection. Canvas finishes include satin, mat and glossy. We don't use prefinished canvas because the quality is poor. We can gallery wrap your canvas prints using normal or heavy duty bars. Click on the links above for more info.

30x40 Stretched canvas print series

Canson Smooth Fine Art Paper was used for this print for Matt Andrade


Four prints of ten of Rob Amory "Kuanyin" printed on textured Hayhemuhle Photo Rag 308 paper. 

Arches Aquarelle watercolor paper was used for this reproduction by Moira Lynch.

Step 4 - Framing  

Once we have created your giclée reproduction prints, we can frame them for you in our full-service custom frame shop. Select from hundreds of unique frame mouldings from Larson Juhl, the world's largest frame manufacturers. We offer custom archival mats, museum glass, float frames, custom mounting, print lamination, canvas stretching, and much more. Check out our unique collection when you drop off your art for reproduction.  

Please call Steve Gyurina at 781-665-1122 for more information and a studio visit.

Artopia Giclee

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