Photography of Paintings and Flat Art - Small files for websites, emailing, small prints. 

Description of Service

Photograph your artwork in our studio and provide 3 common file sized (see below) delivered by digital transfer (


Call for an appointment.  We use the latest  full-frame Nikon cameras and professional lighting for all photography.


Minimim order - 3 paintings - $150
Additional at the same time - $35 each
Works larger than 30x40, add $10 or quote
Lighting for texture - add $10 per piece. 

Common File Sizes

    • 8x10 - 360 dpi Tiff (for printing)
    • 5x7 -300 ppi JPEG files (common jury application file size)
    • 5x7 - 360 ppi TIFF or CMYK files (used for postcards and other printing)
    • 1000 x 720ppi, 72 ppi JPEGS (for emailing and websites, can be larger if you like)
    • 4x6 to 8x10 jpeg files (for home printing)

    Optional services

    • Photography of unusual work, diptychs, triptychs, floating pieces, groupings etc. Please call.  
    •  CDs - $10 each. Retouching - please call 
    • 11x17 tiff files, monitor proofs. 
    • Artopia Gallery website posting - $50/first image, $10 additional images per year.
    • Location Fee - $350-600 depending on distance. Location shooting -  $225/hr

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