Photography of 2-D and 3-D Artwork for Art School Applications

Create files that exactly meet the requirements of each school you're applying to.

Works of any size, media or type can be photographed in studio using professional lighting and cameras. This includes paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry, photographs, pottery, installations or anything else you might have to be photographed. 

See your artwork on large, color-correct monitors as it is being photographed. 

Your final files will be delivered over Hightail, a digital file delivery service.

I'll check the submission requirements for each school  and give you a folder with files specifically designed for each application. Extensive experience photographing work of every kind.  Custom CD covers and imprinting. PDF presentations. Get your own password-protected gallery on this website. 

Note: Art Portfolios are being used by students who aren't applying to art school. Why? It is another activity like sports, dance theatre and music which can be added to your application. What makes an art portfolio different is that it isn't used that often and therefore is somewhat unusual. Admission officers also have actual PROOF of your talent, which isn't always that easy to show with other activities.  I've helped several students get into top school as non-art majors. One student got into Brown University.

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