Photography of Your Jewelry

  1. Works of any kind photographed - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, silver, glass
  2. Send work with instructions and view proofs at home on your own private gallery. 
  3. Expert retouching of dust, metal and stone defects or scratches.
  4. Very large capture files for display prints of any size.
  5. Custom display prints to 44" wide by any length printed in-house.
  6. Works can be shot on black, white and many other surfaces. 
  7. Files of any size and type - web, print, display prints, postcards, Zapp.
  8. Uploads to Zapplication digital jurty submission service.
  9. Secure building, large safe, alarm system, insured
  10. Unconditional quality guarantee


  1.  Figure out what you need. Did you want images for your website, postcards, shows applications, store or booth displays, advertisment or a catalog? Make a list.
  2. Call to discuss your project and pricing. 
  3. Send or deliver your work with instruction sheet.
  4. View your photographs on your own password-protected proofing gallery on this website. 
  5. Select images and use the comment button to communicate approval or changes.  
  6. Download you final images from the download dock on this website.  


  • All jewelry photography is shot using the new Nikon D800e camera and a Nikon 85mm tilt-shift lens. The D800e has a 35meg sensor that generates 200 megabyte files that can be used for 30x40 or larger display prints, high-end magazines or display advertising, catalogs or other use. It also does HD video.
  • I have a new Epson 9900 11-ink printer and can print on glossy paper, synthetic banners that can be rolled up for travel,
  • My studio has a large safe for storage of your jewelry as well as a security system. You'll need a rider from your insurance company for really valuable work. 
  • Jewelry photographs are typically retouched. There are extra charges for this that vary according to your usage. 
  • I can make any file type or size you need and make them available for download here with a pass code I'll send. 
  • All work I do is unconditionally guaranteed. 

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