Capture and Proofing for Giclée Art Reproductions 

          • We offer a fixed-price, guaranteed-accurate, digital capture and color proofing services. Our pricing is based on the premise that your reproductions should look as close to your original art as possible.  That starts with high-resolution digital captures to record every nuance of color, shade and fine detail. It also involves lighting each piece carefully so that brushstrokes and other surface details are preserved, and reflections are controlled or eliminated on glossy surfaces. 

            Works of virtually any size can be photographed in our studio or on location.  There is no limit to size of our capture files. We can make files that can produce 6-foot-high prints that are tack sharp even when viewed inches away. This is done by combining the latest advances in digital capture with 35 years of experience photographing artwork of every kind.
          • Then we carefully adjust the digital capture files so we can make prints that exactly match your original artwork. A series of color test prints are created during the proofing process, and corrections are made till a final master proof is produced that exactly matches the orginal artwork. When this is ready, you'll be asked to inspect this proof againt the original art in our special proofing room with ideal lighting. If it is as expect, you'll sign your approval. If not, we'll make it right for no additional charge. 
          • Since we don't want to waste your time or ours with multiple visits for proofing, we make every effort to get perfect proofs the first time. Our success rate is exceptionally high. Once the proofs are approved, the image used for that proof is sized for printing, borders are added to your specifications and displayed so you can see and approve them at the proofing session. Then the final reproduction prints are made using those final image files. 
          • Please call 781-665-112 for a custom quote that takes into account the exact size of your original, the size and number of your reproductions, the type of lighting you want, if your work is flat or has a lot of texture; or is glossy or behind glass. We developed a program that instantly allows us to give you an accurate quote that takes into consideration these variables. And we'll answer any questions you might have. Studio tours and visits are also most welcome! Please call today! All work is unconditionally guaranteed!
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