• Please call 781-665-1122 for pricing and a email quote. 

If you are applying to craft shows, or want work photographed for your portfolio, large display prints for your show booth, or you need photos for your website or store, I can help. I have worked for more than 500 artists and craftspeople and photographed works of every kind during the past 35 years, and can provide you with excellent photography of what you've created. You can see sample of my Crafts Photography here. 

Crafts photography pricing depends on the item being photographed. I typically charge either by time or per piece. You are welcome to come to my air-conditioned studio during the shoot. I have large tables  to spread your work out on. Or you drop your work off and I'll photograph it and I'll email you tests for your approval before I create final images. 

Since printing is a big part of my business these days, I can make any size or kind of print your might need for your store, show booth, studio or portfolio in house. I have a 44 inch wide Epson printer and a 55" mounter and laminator for making large mounted and laminated prints for your studio or store. 

If you want a written quote, a free studio tour, or have questions of any kind related to crafts photography, digital submissions on Zapp, file types questions, please feel free to give me a call. I'd love to help you out.  

– Steve Gyurina 781-665-1122.

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