Digital Restoration and Copies of Damaged Paintings, Photographs, Prints or Other Flat Art. 

Forida History Museum restoration project. The original painting was so badly damaged it couldn't be displayed on a wall or the paint chips would fall off.  16 different images of the original were combined to make a 1.5 gigabyte working file for retouching. Once retouching was finished, a 30x40 print on canvas was made for the museum. 

MIT Bosworth Building Before

I photographed the original drawing in the MIT archives building. It was 60 inches wide. I combined multiple images to make a very large file which I then digitally retouched. The image shown here is cropped. 

MIT Bostworth Building After

This is the retouched version which I made into prints which I framed for MIT. These were given to important donars by the MIT president. 




 What We Do

Old paintings or other other works of art are sometimes not given the care they need. Drawings created on non-archival materials or framed in an inexpensive frame may discolor. Old paintings may find their way into damp basements and may experience water-damage. Although precious artworks should be restored using the services of a trained art conservator, this isn't always an option because of the cost. 

This studio offers an alternative. Bring your damaged artwork here and we'll:

  • Photograph it using our high-resoluton digital capture system and custom lighting. 
  • Retouch the digital capture file and make museum-quality restored prints on fine art papers or stretched canvas.
  • Please inquire for a quote. 

Canvas Tests for the Florida History Museum 

Nicotine yellowing can be removed 


Traditional Restoration of your Original Painting

If your original painting has nicotine stains, is cracked or missing paint, and you want to have it restored to its original condition, I highly recommend the services of Teressa Carmichael of Carmichael Art Conservation. We've worked together on several important projects and the quality of her restoration work  is outstanding. Once she has restored your original art, copies can be made here of the same size 

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