Please ignore the saved file size of your jpeg files. What matters is the opened file size of your submission. 

This preview of a jpeg file in my file directory indicates the unopened file is only 2.5 megabyte in size. 
 Pretty small, right? Not really. See the next image.
(This was shot on my iPhone 6 plus.) 
When the file is OPENED in Photoshop  (below) it becomes a 22.9 megabyte image. Almost 10x larger than the original!!!  The height is 3264 pixels.  This is large enough for the catalog. 
In the image below, I selected inches instead of pixels. The height of this image is 45.333 inches at 72 dpi, but the image size remains 22.9M (megs)
In the image below, I changed the resolution (while deselecting resample) to 360 dpi. As you can see the file hight has changed to 9.067 inches  x 6.8 inches. 
I need a file that is at least 3200 pixels along the longest dimension, at 360 dpi, if possible. If not just send your file as is and save at the highest possible quality jpeg, or a Tiff file. 
An 8x10 image (at 360 dpi)  is  3600 pixels or 10 inches high. If you can make an image that size, that’s best, but 3200 or 3000 is ok too. 
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