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Artopia Giclée

99 Washington Street, Suite 205, Melrose, Massachusetts, 02176

PH.781.665.1122.  Steve Gyurina  sg@artopia.net  

 Directions from Boston

1)Take Route 93 North towards Somerville and Medford.

2) Get off at exit 33 - Rt 28 Fellsway West - at top of ramp stay to your right, don't go back onto highway!

3) Follow Fellsway for 1/8 mile or so (runs parallel to Rte 93 N) till you come to a blinking light Turn right here onto Elm Street.

4) Follow Elm Street up a long hill till you get to a rotary with a Mobil Station.

5. Enter rotary, pass one street, and exit left onto the tree-lined, divided-lane parkway (Woodland Road in the Middlesex Fells). This is basically a left hand turn from where you entered the rotary. You'll see a skating rink and parking lot on your left after exit the rotary.

5) Follow Woodland road about a mile. You'll see a fairly large lake on your left and then a medical complex on your right. Take the second right turn after this complex onto Pond Street.

6. Follow Pond Street down the hill to a stoplight. Pond Street becomes West Wyoming Avenue at this point. Continue straight ahead on West Wyoming Avenue for about a mile till you come to a little business district and then railroad tracks. Don't go over the railroad tracks! Take the right turn immediately before the tracks onto Pleasant Street.

7. Drive down Pleasant Street approximately 6/10's of a mile till you see a long, two-story brick building just past the new Alta Stone apartment complex. If you are facing this building, the Marty's Furniture Company is on your left, and other first floor businesses are on the right side of the building.

My studio and other businesses are on the SECOND FLOOR, which can only be reached by a stairway at the RIGHT END of the building. Go up the stairs and I'm three doors down on the right. It is best to park near Marty's furniture and then walk down to the other end of the building to my stairway. 

Please call when you arrive and I'll help you get your work in and assist with parking.

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